Celebrating 20 Years of KBIC

Celebrating 20 Years of KBIC

Cain Grech, article contributor, and Head of Business Development at Malta Enterprise

This year Kordin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC) marks its 20th anniversary. The Incubation Centre was inaugurated in November 2001 on the repurposed site of a former factory at the Kordin Industrial Estate, and has since then offered working spaces and additional support for start-ups in Malta. KBIC is a key facilitator of the start-up community in Malta, and is an important feature in the Start in Malta initiative.

“Through its varied portfolio of clientele, KBIC has helped start-ups kick-start their business in Malta in a number of economic sectors”

KBIC is the foremost incubation Centre of its scale, which can cater for start-up projects in Malta requiring an industrial property, such as manufacturing activities, prototyping, engineering services, and product development. Throughout the years, KBIC has hosted start-ups operating in a number of economic sectors and in different stages of respective value chains and thus, evolved in providing ideal operating spaces for activities requiring both workshop and office style environments. Through its varied portfolio of clientele, KBIC has helped start-ups kick-start their business in Malta in a number of economic sectors including additive manufacturing, precision engineering, digital games, forensics, restoration works, pharmaceuticals, quality inspection, audio-visual activities, aviation, maritime services, film industry, and digital archiving, amongst others. A number of our former start-ups have grown their operations and are now established leaders in their respective fields. 

Kordin Business Incubation Centre


KBIC is today offering its services to more than fifteen (15) start-ups which chose Malta to kick-start their operations, with the current cohort of clients continuing to develop innovative solutions and carry out value-adding activities with a potential of considerable economic impact. 


In order to further build our internal capacity in offering more quality services to start-ups in Malta, KBIC collaborates with a number of stakeholders, with the incubation centre hosting the metrology and standards labs of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority, and the MCAST Entrepreneurship Centre which is a collaborative programme between Malta Enterprise and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, to foster entrepreneurship in students through a conducive environment. 


Beyond the provision of physical spaces, KBIC has expanded its services to offer a great opportunity for collaborative projects, business development services, guidance on applicable support measures, and active membership with The Malta Chamber, which is noted as an important milestone in our effort to provide additional quality services and opportunities for our start-ups. 

“KBIC provides a safe space and guidance for our start-up community”

 With a dedicated facilities management team and a relations management function, KBIC provides a safe space and guidance for our start-up community. With projects in motion to provide more quality spaces and additional services, the incubation Centre shall continue to be central in our startinmalta.com initiative.


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