Written Message from Commissioner GABRIEL

Mariya Gabriel


Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

Dear Minister Dalli,


Dear ladies and gentlemen,


Dear startup community, 


Thank you for inviting me to address you today at the kick-off of Malta’s startup festival.


Allow me to start by thanking the organisers for today’s Malta Startup Festival, a vibrant event for startups in which sustainability, deep tech and innovation are central in order to shape a better future for entrepreneurs and society at large.


As startups, you have a key role in developing an economy that works for everyone.


During my recent visit to Malta, I was impressed with the country’s diversified economy and the resilience it showed during the pandemic.


The discussions held highlighted that startups will play a key role in developing a sustainable future.

Furthermore, it was interesting to learn more about the various initiatives such as startinmalta and the support measures provided by Malta Enterprise and other entities that are in place to support the startup community and industry.


We need to create a pan-European Innovation Ecosystem that is inclusive and attracts the best entrepreneurs from across the globe.


An ecosystem that will call Europe and Malta their home. 


Our mission at the European level is to continue to assist startups in finding solutions to the challenges our world is facing. By doing this they will also create new opportunities for growth.


This is why we are working towards a pan-European Innovation Ecosystem focused on deep tech startups with a hardware component and focused on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the so called new wave of innovation after digital startups.


I believe that our deep tech startups are key to creating this innovation ecosystem. They are the leading engine for job growth in Europe. For this reason, it is important that the European Commission continues to bring forward a coherent European approach on initiatives designed to support startups.


The Covid-19 crisis has brought along new challenges especially for startups. Some faced liquidity issues. For others, the crisis meant new opportunities in the areas of energy, construction, agriculture, mobility, food, education and health.


At the same time, there has been a strong momentum for the creation of new high growth start-ups during this period and a record boom of investment in startups in 2021.


I praise the European startups’ resilience, drive, ability to create, innovate and change things for the best. As innovation Commissioner, I will continue to drive bold initiatives for an innovative, prosperous and sustainable Europe. Startups will be pivotal to ensure a sustainable future for Europe and the world.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Maltese Society for the excellent work they are doing to build a vibrant startup ecosystem in Malta and to connect it across Europe. I look forward to visit Malta again in the near future and to meet more key actors in the startup ecosystem.


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