Malta as a start-up space for EdTech companies

Malta as a start-up space for EdTech companies

There is definitely a link between good quality education and national prosperity. The Maltese Islands have a long standing history of a good education system. In recent years, Malta has also become a hub of digital innovation with indigenous companies growing and foreign investors deciding to make the Islands home for their business. Such companies vary in nature, ranging from biotech to fintech to more ‘traditional’ software houses. As a result of these two main elements, education and tech competences, it was only a natural evolution that Malta becomes the natural choice for education technology (Edtech) start-up companies. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of an effective digital learning experience. As a result, there was an increase in Edtech solutions being offered. However, Edtech is not simply putting learning material in a digital format. A number of innovative start-ups have realised this and are emerging more numerously on the market. 


Malta is the perfect location to test new technology. The controlled population of the Islands make it very easy to track and trace users. The results of such testing can then be transposed in other similar markets. This is definitely facilitated through a robust connectivity infrastructure which a number of technology oriented businesses rely on. The proximity to both the African and the European regions, make Malta the perfect spring board for companies targeting these markets.


Malta has an easy business eco-system to navigate. Malta Enterprise Corporation can act as the single point of contact for any company looking to set up in Malta. So whether the company is a large multinational or a start-up, Malta Enterprise acts as a reference point during the setting up process and throughout the company’s life cycle. Being Malta’s economic development agency, the Corporation is very well connected with the public sector as well as the private sector. This makes it especially important for a start-up who wants to grow and network in a friendly business environment.


Malta Enterprise remains committed towards supporting start-ups. The greater the research, development and innovation element of the start-up, the more financial support such company can receive through Malta Enterprise’s schemes. The Corporation can help a start-up company by: supporting its payroll costs; part-financing the procurement of tangible and intangible assets; assist working capital requirements; matching funding by up to 50% third party investment; and supporting participation in accelerator programmes. Apart from the financial support, Malta Enterprise is able to provide a ‘hand-holding’ service to companies wanting to set up in Malta. The Implementation team within the Corporation is able to guide companies in order to ensure a smooth transition between one country and another.


The future of Edtech is set to grow and as it happens Malta Enterprise is ready to support entrepreneurs venturing into this sector. The Corporation is excited to see virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality (VR, AR and XR) being integrated in such educational platforms. If you are an entrepreneur who is moving away from simply putting existing content into a digital format, feel free to reach out to the team at Malta Enterprise.


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