It’s a wrap! – Malta Enterprise celebrates successful filming of Shark Tank

It’s a wrap! – Malta Enterprise celebrates successful filming of Shark Tank


The filming for the first edition of Shark Tank Malta has just come to a close. Malta Enterprise, a major stakeholder in the project, was present throughout, from initial point-of-contact with the contestants, through filming, and beyond, providing expert advice, support and guidance, while directing and giving form to the entire process.


Various departments from Malta Enterprise (ME) pulled together to make this a success, a testament to the Corporation’s “can-do” corporate culture. 


Malta Enterprise works hard to serve the country’s startup community, creating schemes and spearheading initiatives tailored to this flourishing business demographic’s needs.


That is why Malta Enterprise is heavily involved in Shark Tank Malta, which stands out as a startup-centric show aimed at providing budding entrepreneurs with a potent mix of funding, expert guidance, and exposure, to kick-start their startup dreams.


The Start in Malta platform, launched by Malta Enterprise last year, together with Shark Tank Malta, consolidate ME’s overarching efforts which aim to stimulate the startup community and maximise their potential.


Malta Enterprise is at the heart of the nation’s business culture, and is striving to create the same ecosystem for startups – Shark Tank Malta is the ideal vehicle for generating interest in startups, laying the foundations for a pro-startup future, in which everyone can thrive.


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