How are Space and Malta related?

Space and Malta might sound remotely unrelated but this panel helped to prove us all wrong. Fresh from their recent trip to US for meetings with space technology giants NASA and Space X the panellists discussed Malta’s vision for its contribution to the space sector.


This session with the honourable Keith Azzopardi Tanti and Professor Joseph J Borg was targeted at exploring the newly developed opportunities in the space sector, especially for youngsters. This achievement by Maltese government included possibilities of internship with NASA and research within very prestigious institutions such as Stanford University.


Prof Borg explained that many of the lessons which we learn from space can be utilized and applied to Earth. Sending these experiments to space, retrieving them and evaluating them in Maltese labs are part of the process until the findings are communicated to the rest of the world. Thus, this shows our local contribution to global world science in relation to space.



The sector of space science can attract various areas of research which includes; computer scientists, biological scientists, chemists, physicists, bioformaticians, or also people who work in engineering. All diverse areas of profession, of research, that can come together to build a common project or a mission of it. Through Malta’s Smart Specialization strategy, six priority areas have been identified including; health and wellbeing, smart manufacturing, future digital technologies, sustainable use of resources, maritime technologies, aviation and aerospace. 


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