How to be an Entrepreneur

Emilio Maciel is an entrepreneur with a wide-ranging experience in sales and software development, having worked with different startups in several countries. After a year-and-a-half at McKinsey Brazil, he was responsible for founding Groupon in Brazil and in China.

During his time in Malta at the Start Up Festival, Emilio Maciel delivered a presentation on how to be an entrepreneur in any type of profession one has by the right applying entrepreneurial skills. As part of his presentation he delivered a story with a message within it, that Malta is a great location to live in. He added that change is something constant and that everyone will experience change throughout their lives.

He stated that being an entrepreneur can take you in different places and open up the doors to endless possibilities. Moreover, despite venture, money and financing are assets within entrepreneurship, the key asset is entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of the profession one may have. He defines entrepreneurial spirit as falling in love with a particular problem. He added that the world around us is always giving us answers to our problems and the key is to learn to listen. In fact, being a successful entrepreneur comes from learning to listen more than speak.

Moreover, it is essential to adapt to current situations with determination being necessary for entrepreneurship. He added that the future is in the hands of today’s young generation, and therefore to take any opportunities which arise, make the most out of them and to always listen to one another, with the important thing being that one must always go out and do something to bring change. The path to success is never easy, it comes with hard work, with climbs and downfalls. 


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