Malta – Your Platform to Launch

Malta has been recognized as the platform to launch through this panel with startups that Malta Enterprise has supported. Janos Barberis expressed that apart from favourable taxes, “Malta brings what certain ecosystems don’t have,” which refers to the peace that allows you to focus on your business in Malta. Taylor Freeman highlighted that Malta is an incredible entry point for the rest of Europe and for companies around the world, being that is English speaking. It could be the next tech hub.


Being a Biotech company, Diarmuid Riordan chose Malta due to its mature legislative framework regarding cannabis as opposed to the UK and Ireland. Malta Enterprise has assisted them with capital, human resource and to connect with Malta itself for them to move their project forward. They emphasized how Malta Enterprise had identified the opportunity and put trust in their strategy, enabling them to build a cancer research lab at the Malta Life Sciences Park. Prof Joseph Cilia added that Malta Enterprise also helped in terms of location and financing. He expanded on Malta’s advantage of being small in size, facilitating traveling and communication with different people in different areas. Thus, productively finishing more tasks in the same day.



Prof Tonio Sant, specializing in the area of marine renewables and the solution for storing energy, has managed to deploy a prototype through the help of Malta Enterprise. From there, they started patenting the idea to eventually launch their startup, however they required more help with the patenting process as it may be time consuming and expensive. Thus, Malta Enterprise helped them understand the industry, protect their idea and discover the companies available who could support in co-developing such prototypes etc.


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