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Malta Ranks 5th for Technical Games Research – Beating Google, Meta

Malta Ranks 5th for Technical Games Research – Beating Google, Meta

Photo by University of Malta

The University of Malta has achieved a remarkable fifth-place ranking in a new evaluation of universities and institutions based on their research publications on the technical field of games. The ranking, curated by American University Assistant Professor Mark J. Nelson, evaluated the top 100 institutions’ publishing activity in areas like artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and graphics related to games and interactive media.

Previously, the University of Malta had placed in the 9th position in 2018, but has now climbed to an impressive 5th place. Remarkably, it has surpassed well-known tech gaming industry giants like Google, Nvidia, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and Microsoft.

Professor Georgios N. Yannakakis of the University of Malta’s Institute of Digital Games expressed his appreciation for this achievement, highlighting that they outperformed prestigious universities and game tech industries in both North America and Europe. He credited the success to the dedication and incredible research efforts of the students and staff, emphasizing the institute’s focus on excellence, which has firmly established Malta on the world research map.

Georgios N. Yannakakis is also the co-founder of, which has started expanding its operations in Malta by collaborating with Malta Enterprise, the Institute at the University of Malta and Gaming Malta.

The company specializes in providing AI tools for video game studios, combining game development expertise with machine learning to accelerate game development and enhance player engagement. In comments regarding the company’s enhanced plans for Malta, Kurt Farrugia, Malta Enterprise CEO, acknowledged the potential of digital games and AI as promising industries for Malta’s economic growth, pledging continuous support to and other innovative startups.’s CEO, Christoffer Holmgård described Malta as an ideal location in Europe due to its ability to attract talent in AI, video game development, and creative industries.


Written by Giulia Borg, Intern at External Communications Office, Malta Enterprise. 


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