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A Successful Start in Malta Spring Meetup

The Start in Malta Spring Meetup was a success, with over 200 attendees, coming together to learn more about the Start Up Festival 2023 while taking the opportunity to network and get to know each other better. The Start Up Festival, organised by Malta Enterprise, is designed to bring together the some of the most innovative start-ups who have decided to make Malta their home, providing them with a unique platform to network, showcase their products and services, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

In addition to the panel discussions and fireside chats, this years festival will also provide an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their products and services, with a number of interactive exhibits and demos on display throughout the event. This allows attendees to get hands-on with the latest technology and products, and to see first-hand the kind of innovation and creativity that is driving the start-up industry forward.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Start Up Festival is the opportunity it provides for networking. Attendees will be able to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, building relationships and forging new partnerships that could prove vital to their success in the future. The festival’s relaxed and informal atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for these kinds of interactions, with attendees able to exchange ideas, share stories, and make valuable connections in a fun and engaging environment.

The Spring Meetup also served as the perfect background for the launch of a new podcast by Malta Enterprise called Business Matters. This podcast will feature interviews with local personalities, business updates, start-up advice, and collaborations with other entities. We are committed to providing valuable content that will be of interest to the entire business community. The first episodes will be filmed directly from the Start Up Festival and aired in real time for those in attendance to be able to listen to.

This year’s festival will also a new pitching competition, Pitch Black. Through this competition Start Ups will have time to pitch their ideas on the main stage in front of a number of investors who will be judging the start-ups on their ability to pitch with no visual aids and nothing other than them on stage. This competition will bring forward a prize package accessible to the winner in different services by a number of corporate service providers and partners. This competition is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups to showcase their ideas and connect with investors.

The festival will feature an impressive line-up of speakers and panel discussions, with prominent figures from the start-up world sharing their experiences, knowledge and insights on how to succeed in the highly competitive world of entrepreneurship. Attendees were able to learn from these experts, ask questions and engage in discussions, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and strategies for success.

Overall, the Start Up Festival will be providing a valuable platform for start-ups to come together, learn from one another, and showcase their products and services. With such a strong start, it’s clear that the festival is set to continue to be an annual highlight of the start-up calendar both in Malta as well as beyonf, helping to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the region for years to come.


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