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Ben Allistor Captivates The Start Up Festival Audience Through “The Power of Engagement”

Ben Allistor Captivates The Start Up Festival Audience Through “The Power of Engagement”

Ben Allistor, a highly successful digital influencer, shared his insights with regards to how focusing on social media engagement, can lead to financial success. Ben’s journey shows remarkable growth, and the key principles he shared during his presentation show us just how he managed to do this. In just eight months, from January 2023 to the beginning of October, he remarkably grew from 100,000 followers to 1.1 million. That’s a million new followers across all platforms!


Back in his early days, Ben Allistor started by sharing content three times a week, but he quickly realized the need for more. Now, he’s upped his game, gracing his audience with a whopping three videos every single day – that’s a total of twenty-one videos per week. It’s not just about quantity though; Ben has a golden rule when it comes to content creation – each piece must surpass the last. He firmly believes that exceptional content is the key to standing out and expanding your audience.


What’s even more impressive is how Ben manages to keep up this high frequency without sacrificing quality. Efficiency is the game for him, emphasizing the importance of a streamlined content creation process, from scripting all the way to posting. It’s about working smart to ensure that every piece of content not only meets but exceeds expectations.


According to Ben, consistency the bridge that propels you from being good to becoming great. It’s the trust-building foundation that keeps your audience coming back for more. So, whether you’re just starting or aiming for the stars, Ben Allistor’s approach to quantity, quality, efficiency, and consistency is the roadmap to success in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation.


Ben also highlights the significance of crafting specific content. The more tailored and niche your content, the faster you can earn from it. Understanding your audience through in-depth audience insights is essential for achieving this.



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