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Expanding Horizons with Camelot Media in Malta

Expanding Horizons with Camelot Media in Malta

Camelot Films U.K., the production company behind the Amazon film “Prizefighter,” has unveiled its strategic expansion with the launch of Camelot Media in Malta. The move is reinforced by financial support from Malta Enterprise, a key player in the country’s economic development. This collaboration positions Camelot to operate fully out of Malta, producing a dynamic slate of films and engaging in co-productions with third-party projects filmed on the picturesque island.


The partnership with Malta Enterprise not only provides financial backing but also allows Camelot to manage all facets of production services, tapping into Malta’s 40% rebate for qualifying productions. Having already produced three films in Malta since 2019, Camelot has played a pivotal role in structuring and nurturing various third-party projects recently filmed in the country.


Camelot’s upcoming documentary, “The Psychopath Life Coach,” is set to launch on Netflix in the United Kingdom on November 22nd, marking a significant milestone. The ambitious slate includes the action-adventure franchise “The Lost Book of Creation,” supported by Creative Malta, with principal photography scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. Founded by Matt Hookings, Camelot Films operates under the leadership of Hookings alongside associate producer Jay Gill and a team of experienced marketing and development professionals. Hookings expressed excitement about the long-awaited expansion, emphasizing the support from private investors and Malta Enterprise. He envisions contributing to the growth of the local film industry and strengthening the Maltese economy.


Malta, situated in the Mediterranean Sea, has a rich history as a sought-after filming location, dating back to the 1925 silent film “Sons of the Sea.” Recent productions in Malta include Ridley Scott’s historical epic “Napoleon” in 2022, contributing to the country’s thriving film industry, which witnessed 24 projects, employed over 900 locals and 1,000 foreigners, and generated $94 million in economic activity—marking the most successful year for the Maltese production community in a decade.



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