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Israeli company with Malta presence completes first 3D navigated surgery

Israeli company with Malta presence completes first 3D navigated surgery

PathKeeper Surgical, an Israeli company with presence in Malta, successfully completed its surgical procedures using their novel 3D optical navigation system in spinal surgeries. The surgeries took place at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States.

The implementation of their advanced 3D optical navigation system marks a remarkable feat. Notably, this navigation system eliminates radiation exposure during surgery, greatly enhancing patient safety during these procedures.

The company was able to use this technology for the first time during a spinal fusion surgery. The participating doctors have praised PathKeeper’s program for its ease of use and its ability to enable them to “safely navigate the spinal implant.”

These two PathKeeper-navigated, thoraco-lumbar- sacral degenerative surgeries, were carried out at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT. The first surgery was performed by Dr. Russo and Girard Girasole, MD, both from Connecticut Orthopedics in Hamden, CT, while the second surgery was conducted by John Awad, MD, and Gary Zimmerman, MD, both from Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C, Bridgeport, CT.

In 2022, the company and MaltaEnterprise had announced the opening of Pathkeeper’s Malta operations. This branch of the company, operating from Malta Life Sciences Park, is working on diverse ways on how to improve PathKeeper proprietary technology through a robotics solution. The work encompasses the use of a robotic arm with the aim to “enhance the accuracy and efficiency of spinal surgeries.” This robotic solution will use the information from the 3D optical navigation system to guide any of the tools used during the spinal surgeries. Alongside the significant advancements made by PathKeeper Surgical, Dr. Antonella Camilleri, Ph.D., shared her valuable perspective on working with the company in Malta. She highlighted the unique opportunities that this collaboration offers, not only for herself but for the entire team involved in the development of cutting-edge medical technology.

Dr. Camilleri emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of the work undertaken at PathKeeper. She noted that developing such groundbreaking technology requires a diverse team with expertise in various fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, robotics and controls engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and medical expertise from doctors and surgeons, as well as clinical specialists and advisors.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the environment created by PathKeeper in Malta, which encourages professionals to leverage their expertise and skills to develop groundbreaking technology. Dr. Camilleri continued, “working for PathKeeper in Malta is a unique opportunity that allows me to apply my expertise and skills to the development of this incredible technology while simultaneously providing an environment for ongoing learning and knowledge enhancement with the aim to achieving the highest standards in the field of spinal surgery.”


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