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Launch of knowledge hub in Malta by Supercharger

Launch of knowledge hub in Malta by Supercharger

Before the pandemic, edtech companies went decades without raising financing due to lack of interest from generalist venture capitalists. Now, more than a year since COVID-19 began, the sector is showing signs of maturation, from first profits to unicorns, potential IPOs and a rush of talent.


Momentum in mind, cross-border venture capital firm SuperCharger Ventures is launching a debut accelerator exclusively for early-stage edtech founders. The 12-week accelerator, which kicks off today, is being held virtually, with six startups in the debut cohort.


Janos Barberis and Tamas Haiman two of the three co-founders of Supercharger Ventures delivered a presentation at the Startup Festival. They have decided to build the single largest Ed tech ecosystem in the world. Their vision is the improve the lives of numerous students and educators worldwide. To reach such a goal they aim to partner with various institutions so as to accelerate over a thousand EdTech companies in such a way that these companies can grow and develop their businesses.


As of 2020, they have successfully build a leading global accelerator. That includes 83 startups in exchange for equity, built a $6 million startup portfolio, receive over a thousand applications yearly and they also have over a hundred investor partner and export mentors onboard.


Since 2020 they have also created a unique ecosystem platform in which they have partnered with 11 leading institutions, built a database with over 7000 edtech solutions, they have been able to define an edtech marketplace for education institutions while they have also launched the first EdTech MOOC and EdTech Book. They added that both knowledge and startups are needed to supercharge an ecosystem.




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