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“Leadership and Transformation” Explored by Lars Silbarbauer at The Start Up Festival 2023

“Leadership and Transformation” Explored by Lars Silbarbauer at The Start Up Festival 2023

Lars Silberbauer, a distinguished digital marketing and social media persona, made a significant impact in his role as the Senior Global Director of Social Media and Video at LEGO. He was instrumental in shaping LEGO’s innovative digital presence and was known for effectively engaging their fan community and promoting the brand online.


His influence extended to the Olympics, where he has continued to play a pivotal role in elevating digital marketing and social media. Lars Silberbauer contributed to the success of the inspirational video campaigns, such as #StrongerTogether, associated with the Olympics, showcasing his expertise in fostering engagement and conveying powerful messages through digital media.


He has created campaigns telling stories of athletes such as Naomi Osaka and the importance of community. In a world of change and technological advancements, Lars Silberbauer, offers valuable insights that exceed the boundaries of industries. With his inspiring mantra, “Disrupt everything in your industry,” he urges us to challenge the status quo and rethink our approach to innovation.


He mentions that while change is common, whilst many companies and communication channels still continue to use to conventional methods. This is a testament to how the human mind struggles to keep the same pace with the ongoing change brought on by technology. Yet, Silberbauer firmly believes that self-awareness is the key to progress.


Lars Silberbauer also highlights the significance of community in navigating these sectors. To him, it’s not just about playing it safe, but rather about trusting one’s instincts and being an active part of a supportive network.




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