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Malta based Fintech Start Up signs with eToro

CityFalcon’s Malta Team

City Falcon, a Malta based start-up which transforms unstructured financial news and content from over 13,000 sources into structured data, and then delivers analytics, insights and news in real time, has launched with eToro. They serve eToro through their Financial News API.

eToro is an Israeli multinational social trading and multi-asset investment company that focuses on providing financial and copy trading services. The global broker boasts more than 27 million registered users and is the industry leader when it comes to trading.

eToro have incorporated a dedicated News tab, which includes news content from City Falcon, sentiment analysis of that content, and investor relations content like earnings reports and press releases. This tab is available for each asset type: stocks, cryptos, commodities, currencies, and indices bringing forward valuable news from all these different asset classes.

Along with the prestige that comes when launching with such an important player in the industry, this deal brings with it a great deal of credibility in the financial world which will prove invaluable to them when it comes to securing more clients as well as investments.

As well as the signing of eToro, CityFalcon have also been raising funding through a round of equity crowdfunding on Seedrs. They have managed to raise an impressive €2 million from around 1200 investors. As well as being a valued client eToro was also among those who chose to invest in this round of fund raising. Alongside eToro there were a number of entrepreneurs as well as a fintech fund and a private investment company who choose to invest.

CityFalcon have also been working hard on their recruiting efforts, they now employ 44 people globally which has been helping them develop product faster and respond quicker to client needs and feedback. Their Malta office will also play a huge role in their upcoming plans with a good number of people being brought over to Malta. They will also be hiring a number of new people for their Malta office, which will help with the creation of high quality jobs.

This recruiting effort will help them reach hundreds of thousands of paying retail users and over 200 paying enterprise clients by 2026. This will help companies reach their new targets in shorter time frames and aim for even higher targets.

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