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Maltese Language ChatBot Set to Transform Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Investment Sectors

Maltese Language ChatBot Set to Transform Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Investment Sectors

In a global initiative in partnership with the Gozo Innovation Hub, strides are being made to develop an interactive ChatBot in the Maltese language tailored for the banking, finance, insurance, and investments services sectors.


Taking the lead in language deployment, the Maltese language is poised for the initial launch, with strategic plans in place for subsequent inclusion of other languages. Referred to as a groundbreaking AI endeavor, the collaboration with the Gozo Innovation Hub is set to unveil an advanced ChatBot, specializing in customer communication within the financial services sector and offering customer care support in Maltese.


Named ‘The New Era of ChatBot,’ the project has garnered support from Malta Enterprise under the Research and Development Scheme. This collective effort brings together Cartesio Ltd and the University of Malta, forming a robust alliance with AI and cloud technology company Enables Noovle International, already established in Gozo.


While initially concentrating on financial services, the initial prototypes developed in this venture are anticipated to diversify their applications, extending beyond the financial realm. Prospective sectors include public service, tourism, customer services, and various e-commerce services utilizing online channels.


Valentino Benicchio, Director of Noovle International, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for exploring new Research and Development opportunities in Malta, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and smart technologies.


Francesca Caruso, Director of Cartesio Ltd, underscored the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry within this project. Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli highlighted the strategic importance of attracting investments that contribute to a knowledge-based economy, recognizing the growing influence of AI across diverse industries.


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