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Maltese Power Houses Discuss Success Stories at Start Up Festival 2023

Maltese Power Houses Discuss Success Stories at Start Up Festival 2023

The “Dream Big Malta” panel at the Start Up Festival brought together a diverse group of entrepreneurs and industry leaders who have not only achieved remarkable success within the Maltese business landscape but have also successfully expanded their ventures to reach a global audience.


The panel was moderated by Andrew Mangion, executive chairman and CEO of EC English Language Centres. The panel featured prominent figures from various industries, all of whom shared their insights and experiences in building internationally recognized brands. These inspiring speakers included: Steve Dullaghan, Founder and CEO of Rapture, a groundbreaking company dedicated to creating a digital world. Charles and Ron, influential Maltese designers known for their creative and innovative fashion designs. Alfred Pisani, the visionary hotel founder, and Executive Chairman of Corinthia, renowned for its luxury hospitality, and DJ Ed, an up-and-coming hip-hop and EDM artist poised for international stardom.


Each of these enterprises has successfully leveraged their Maltese roots to achieve global recognition, and they shared their strategies for nurturing and maintaining international relationships. Throughout the discussion, a common theme emerged – “the power of shared goals and a keen sense of community in attaining their accomplishments.”


Andrew Mangion also explained that we’ve all faced challenges in both our daily lives and business journeys. Whether it was just a small bump in the road or a more extreme challenge, Andrew asked the panelists about what challenges they faced and how they were overcome. It was unanimously agreed that the evolution of a business is met with unique obstacles that evolve with changing times. The exchange of ideas during the panel emphasized the delicate balance between passion and practicality. Steve Dullaghan, in particular, stressed the importance of initially “investing in a smaller-scale version of one’s passion, rather than going all-in on the first product.” 


The panel concluded with a discussion on the significance of mentorship and support systems in the initial stages of business development. The speakers passionately discussed their commitment to inspire the younger generation of entrepreneurs. Alfred Pisani left the audience with a thought-provoking remark, asserting that sometimes, it is a greater risk not to take a risk.


It is through the stories and experiences of individuals like those on the “Dream Big Malta” panel that we witness the continuous growth of Malta on both a national and international scale. The cultivation of the Maltese name across diverse industries remains a shared aspiration, and these visionaries serve as beacons of inspiration for the next generation of Maltese entrepreneurs.



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