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Mohsen Mousavi Takes The Start Up Festival 2023 Crowd From “Idea to Success”

Mohsen Mousavi Takes The Start Up Festival 2023 Crowd From “Idea to Success”

The world of visual effects in the film and entertainment industry has witnessed a revolution, and at the forefront of this transformation stands Mohsen Mousavi, a leader in the field of film making.


Recognizing Mohsen’s immense potential and constant innovation in advanced methodology, DNEG, a London-based world-renowned visual effects and animation company, quickly embraced his talents. His pivotal role as the overseer for Scanline’s VFX in the last three episodes of the final season of “Game of Thrones” garnered him an Emmy at the 2019 Prime time Emmy awards. This accomplishment further solidified DNEG’s position as a leader in cutting-edge visual effects work in the world of cinema.


In the climactic Battle of Winterfell during the last episodes of “Game of Thrones,” Mohsen Mousavi, demonstrated his mastery in high-end visual effects with a keen focus on innovation. Mohsen’s technical ingenuity shined through in his innovative use of advanced simulations for crowd dynamics and fluid effects, ensuring a realistic portrayal of chaotic scenes. From the dragons’ movements to the fiery clashes, his approach not only elevated the visual spectacle but also highlighted his expertise in pushing the technical boundaries of visual storytelling on a grand scale.


Mohsen Mousavi’s career showcases his commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual effects through the design and development of proprietary tool sets and pipelines for crowd, fluid, and rigid body simulation. His impact on the industry seamlessly aligns with DNEG’s global presence and recognition for impressive work in the visual effects domain. Together, Mohsen Mousavi and DNEG represent a powerful collaboration that continues to shape the landscape of visual effects in the cinematic realm.The company has worked on numerous award-winning films, contributing to their success through its groundbreaking VFX work. Over the years, DNEG’s work has been featured in major blockbusters, earning the company a well-deserved reputation in Hollywood and beyond.


The company has achieved several milestones, including winning multiple Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. Their work on films such as “Inception,” “Blade Runner 2049,” and “Ex Machina”. DNEG has grown rapidly, expanding its footprint across the globe. With offices in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and more, the company serves as a beacon of innovation and quality in the visual effects industry.


Make sure to watch the 3rd episode of the Business Matters Podcast to hear about Mohsen Mousavi’s journey in creating some of the most legendary action scenes so far.


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