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The Creative Investor

The Creative Investor

Caspar Lee is the co-founder of which pairs up businesses and content creators for paid content opportunities. His advice for content creators to build a successful social media following is to allocate enough time and effort into your actions. Creativity, consistency and collaboration are key to success. However, it is very useful to have key hires that can be identified through various encounters, events and connections. If there is a brand you wish to work with, focus on your content rather than putting effort to encourage them to work with you. Especially in the initial stages, it is much more feasible to make content using their products etc. Also, if you manage to go grow your audience on Tiktok, it is essential to get this audience to follow you on other platforms. This is because Tiktok is inconsistent and in this way, it is easier to stay relevant.



For brands, it is not important to work with massive creators that will make them look cool, but rather the distribution must be in place to be able to facilitate the sales that the creator will bring. Choosing the right creator depends on the place of your particular audience; the creator must fit the customers. The creator’s values must also be considered by evaluating their past collaborations that are reputable, their upcoming events in life, their interests, if they use your product organically and also if they had worked with any competitors. Tourism boards can be utilized to view which content creators will be coming to your country, with the aim of inviting them to your events.


Brand ambassadors are important for continuous engagement to build trust and respect through posting consistent content with that brand. Additionally, they can become involved in guiding the product roadmap. Thus, these meaningful connections will lead to long-term collaborations with such experts in your fields. They are in direct content with what is available and relevant to the world. That being said, creators are human beings that can make mistakes. Therefore, the content created should be sensitive and the content creators themselves should not be involved in controversial issues that may impact your brand’s image.


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