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“You’re not Brad Pitch” – Christoph Sollich

“You’re not Brad Pitch” – Christoph Sollich

Christoph Sollich, known as the Pitch Donor or Pitch Coach emphasised the importance of pitching during his presentation at the 2nd edition of the Startup Festival, stating that every startup founder is constantly pitching their ideas. During his presentation he outlined a variety of lessons to ensure effective pitching.

These five lessons include the first which is ‘Realize How People React to Pitches’ in which he outlined how the most important organ when pitching is the heart, making the brain secondary, as a pitch has to burst with emotions. The second lesson is ‘Answer the 5 Big Questions’ these being ‘Why?’, ‘Why you?’, ‘Why now?’, ‘What is the economic engine?’ and ‘Do you have any proof?’. 

Lesson three is entitled ‘Search for the Holy Grail’ in which Sollich highlighted the importance of precision, how pitches are short and therefore every word counts. Hence, the most effective means is to stick to key messages thus ensuring repitchability. He added that simple language goes a long way thus emphasizing to simplify, clarify and shortify.

His forth lesson is ‘You’re not Brad Pitch’ in which Sollich emphasised that pitching is not acting. Everyone has to find their own style ensuring that they stand out. He added the emotions are necessary to trigger the emotions of one’s audience and that while one is pitching, one is completely allowed to have fun. 


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